Harassment, Civil Rights Violations and Hate Crimes in West Chester, PA

April 19, 2016

Chief of Police
West Chester, PA

Dear Sir,

Starting in mid-April, I've been harassed by West Chester Borough Police officers for exercising my First Amendment Rights. I have not violated any Federal, State or Local laws.

It appears a resident in the borough _______________________________ keeps having the police harass me, and others, on purpose. Not only is this harassment, but it is in direct violation of my Constitutional Rights.

On April 19, 2016, Officer Jason O'Neil conspired in the criminal activity. While John Doe, Esquire was playing Simon & Garfunkel, I was harassed by Officer O'Neil. Though I have been a professional performance artist for over 40 years, I was not even playing music. Yet, I was still harassed. (Incident #20160419 M0071)

I wish to file a criminal harassment charge against the Borough Resident, as well as, the Borough of West Chester, PA police officers involved in the multiple incidents. In addition, please notify other law enforcement agencies on the County, State and Federal level for violation of my Constitutional Rights and Hate Crimes.

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