Swatting, Police Terror, Assault and Wrongful Arrest in West Chester, PA

Lt. Sam Iacono
West Chester Police Department
West Chester, PA

May 17, 2016

Lt. Iacono:

Pursuant to my letters of April 19, 20, 25 and May 9, 2016, our phone interview on April 20, 2016, as well as my personal interviews with Officer Jason O'Neil (4/19), Officer Aaron Davis (4/25), Officer Matthew Simcox (5/9) and Officer A.J. McCarthy (5/16), I am seeking the status of my criminal harassment complaints against Tony Waldman.

During the most recent incident, I was seated silently on a bench. The police arrived on yet another fraudulent noise complaint. After being harassed by several police officers, I was terrorized when Office A.J. McCarthy, Officer Jason O'Neil, and other unidentified officers assaulted an individual for no apparent reason. (incident report #20160516M0058)

I have been concerned for my well-being since first reporting Tony Waldman to the West Chester Police on April 19, 2016. Now, I fear for my life and seek immediate relief from this harassment, abuse and terror.

Thank you.

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