West Chester Police Officer Gregory Cugino: Intimidation and Harassment

June 21, 2016

Lt. William A. Morris
West Chester Police Dept.
411 E. Gay Street
West Chester, PA 19380

Lt. Morris:

Again, I have been falsely accused of breaking a noise ordinance.

Pursuant to our conversation this morning, I moved my location; nevertheless, the West Chester Police Department harassed, intimidated, used disparaging language and abused me.

The violation of my civil rights, as well as, other criminal activities committed by Officer Cugino were shot on video. There is no reason to raid houses for the video. I will gladly supply it to you, the D.A. and the State's Attorney General. I seek immediate dismal and criminal charges against Officer Cugino.

At approximately 7:45 on June 21, 2016, I was walking with my guitar near the corners of Church and Chestnut Streets. A sergeant (Sergeant Deighan) of the WCPD approached me with his partner. He identified himself and asked if I remembered how I had helped him in the past. I acknowledge that I did remember shooting the video used by the Commonwealth in a case at Walnut and Gay Streets.

He informed me there had been a noise complaint. And, although he did not witness me making noise, he was going to mail me a citation, “so the Judge could sort it out in court.” Since I had not been making a noise disturbance, I expressed my displeasure with his police misconduct.

At this point, I felt a threatening presence behind me. Officer Cugino began intimidating and making disparaging remarks. (see attached photo) Then, as Officer Cugino got in his car, he turned and laughed at me.

Officer Cugino has threatened me in the past. I have already filed a criminal complaint against Officer Cugino and requested he be removed from active duty. It is completely unacceptable that he is allowed to continue committing crimes against me. Please do something about him immediately.

Though I have had a good relationship with the Sergeant, I must also ask that some sort-of disciplinary action be taken against him, too.

Thank you.

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