Marty Deighan

July 25, 2016
Deighan Complaint

At approximately 7:45 on June 21, 2016, I was walking with my guitar near the corners of Church and Chestnut Streets. Sergeant Deighan of the WCPD approached me. He informed me there had been a noise complaint. Although he did not witness me making noise, he said he was going to mail me a citation “so the Judge could sort it out in court.” Since I had not been making a noise disturbance, I expressed my displeasure with his police misconduct. (Video available on YouTube.)

On June 26, 2016 at approximately 10:45PM, Sergeant Deighan was witnessed in further illegal activities including civil rights violations and hate crimes. At that time, he again wrongfully cited me for a noise ordinance violation. (Video available on YouTube.)

Bad West Chester Police - Marty Deighan

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