Sergeant John O'Donnell

Chief Scott Bohn
West Chester Police Department
West Chester, PA

August 22, 2016

Pursuant to my complaint of August 12, a closer review of the videos implicated two sergeants in hate crimes and civil rights violations. Sergeant Marty Deighan was involved in illegal activities on June 21 and June 26. Sergeant O'Donnell (badge #102) was involved in hate crimes and civil rights violations on June 26 and August 11.

In an effort to verify the facts, I submitted a Right To Know request for incident report #20160811M0054 on August 17, 2016; however, I have not received a response.

On Thursday August 11, 2016, a West Chester police officer now identified as Sergeant O'Donnell, was involved in police misconduct and other illegal activities. The Sergeant's actions were in direct violation of the The Pennsylvania Human Relations Act, Americans With Disabilities Act and other local, state and federal laws. Two other unidentified officers were also involved.

Knowing that I am permanently disabled, Sergeant O'Donnell issued a ticket for a legitimate handicapped parking placard. The Sergeant told me he was going to have the car towed. Though I was not under the influence, O'Donnell said moving the vehicle would result in an arrest for DUI.

It is not my duty to explain my disabilities. In fact, that would also be a violation of my rights. However, it is the Sergeant's duty to protect and serve, not to violate my rights. Until you have him prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law, please have him removed from duty.

cc Mayor Carolyn Comitta

Bad West Chester Police - Sergeant O'Donnell

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